Rubber S-80 Master Batch

Rubber S-80 Master Batch
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IS90-70 contains at least 60% of modified polysulfide insoluble in carbon disulfide and other solvents. Can be used as a variety of natural rubber, synthetic rubber vulcanizing agent. Do not spray cream, do not penetrate into the adjacent layer. Suitable for a variety of needs storage, bonding and interlayer bonding occasions.

The combination of elastomers and special dispersants with thermoplastic and high compatibility ensures rapid absorption and excellent dispersion of the chemical components in the rubber while ensuring optimum activity of the active components. It is advisable to add at the end of the mixing to prevent insoluble sulfur from converting to soluble sulfur.


20kg,complex paper bag

Safety and transport

It is not classified as a dangerous good according to transport legislation.So we should transport it in term of UNdangerous good.It has not hurt if you use it in right way

Further information

Product technical information and data is based on the best information available and does not constitute or imply a warranty or patent infringement of any kind.The user is responsible for testing produce suitability prior to use in production.

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