Multiple-release Inside Tire Paints

It can be directly applied on the inner wall of the green tire, omitting the use of the bladder caoting agent, increasing the output of the single machine and eliminating the chance of mold contamination. it is a new high performance tire vulcanizing release agent . this release agent is designed to isolate the greentire form the bladder between 110℃and 230 ℃. In the above 110℃, Fn-8322 can be transferred to the bladder and form a cross'linked protective film, this kind of the product has high tendency of high temperature lubrication, repeatedly stripping, reducing air pocket and imporve the efficiency and wear-resisting characteristics, the bladder can be protected for a long time and the life of the bladder can be prolonged.

Product Details

Application field:

In tire production, contributing isolation and lubrication between the green tire and the bladder.


Using special gloves to brush on the inner wall of the green tire directly, and that can improve the output of tire manufacture.

Semi permanent, for half steel itre, can be applied one time for curing ten pieces of tires.

Without polluting the mold, the vulcanized tires have good looks.

Without CFC and are harmless to the human body.

Product Specification

Appearance: Ivory-white viscous liquid

Non volatile matter 11-15%


1 Before the first use of the new bladder, the surface of the bladder should be cleaned up to remove the surface dust and oil. Then, use FN-8322 effcient tire inside release agent to prepaint. the way of close is recommended to use the special gloves to brush evenly.Repeated multiple coating and blank coating will affect the  isolation effect. After brushing ,extend the bladder several times, and then close the mould to preheat for 20 minutes. 

2 Use special glvoes to brush the release agent to the inside of green tire, follow the dirction of the inner joint to brush.

3 According to production condition, normally each ten pieces of tire just brush the release agent on one piece of tire is ok.

4 The release agent should be coated evenly and moderately and there is no overlooked areato prevent the isolation effect.


Plastic drum 5kg/drums 15kgs/drums or package accoring to user's request.


Store in a cool and dry place below 30 centigrade, pay attention to ventilation, the storage period is 6 monthes

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