Mould Release Agent for Rubber Conveyor Belt

STM-903 is a reactive polysiloxane water based rubber release agent.

Product Details


Mold release agent STM-903 description

STM-903 is a reactive polysiloxane water based rubber release agent. It has good wettability to the rubber and can form a uniform and dense film on the surface of the rubber. The film can effectively reduce the adhesion between the rubber and the mold, make the product easy to release and improve the appearance quality of the product. Moreover, it can block the diffusion of harmful substances into the mold and reduce the corrosion rate of the mold.


Application Area

Flat and special pattern rubber conveyor belt.



STM-903 can be applied on dies or on raw rubber surface directly. Before use, it can be diluted by water. The proportion of water added depends on the situation of field use. The recommended ratio of STM-903 to water is 1:5.

★    When used on moulds, the mould should be thoroughly cleaned and recommended for spraying. For the first spraying, the separator should be sprayed uniformly on the hot mould for 2-3 times, and solidified for a period of time. The longer the drying time and the higher the temperature, the longer the isolation film will be, and the more effective demoulding times will be. After these operations are completed, production can begin. In the later vulcanization process, it is only necessary to spray STM-903 once every few intervals and solidify it for a period of time.

★    Spraying, brushing, roll coating and rubbing can be used to coat the surface of the compound evenly with STM-903. After the moisture evaporates on the surface of the compound, the vulcanization can be installed. The coating should be uniform as far as possible, and there should be no leak spots to avoid affecting the isolation effect. During the vulcanization process, part of the product will be transferred to the surface of the die, forming an isolation film on the surface of the die. Therefore, after several successive coating cycles, painting can be carried out at intervals of several cycles; painting cycle and interval period should be determined by experiments according to specific conditions.

For flat and shallow pattern conveyor belts, both methods can be used; for deep pattern products, it is recommended to apply directly on raw film.

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