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Fluoride release agent

Mar 09, 2017

Fluoride release agent inherit the characteristics of fluorine-containing materials, can dramatically reduce the surface energy of solids, making it difficult to infiltrate and non-adhesive, easy to mix with other substances, good product and tooling of the bond between the problems when releasing agent was prepared, the amount of fluorine-containing compounds is minimal. The thermosetting resins, thermoplastic resins, and all rubber parts are used, molded smooth surface, secondary processing properties, particularly suitable for delicate electronic components release. Prices at/kg 100-300, which belongs to the high-end products.

Organic fluoride is the best release agents, good isolation properties of mould pollution, but the price is higher. Main varieties are:

1) Teflon (molecular weight 1800);

2) fluorine resin powder (low-molecular-PTFE);

3) fluorine resin coating (PTFE, FEP, PFA).