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In paint and how to use the Nano-silica

Mar 09, 2017

Nano silica has many himself of features, as small size effect, surface interface effect, and quantum size effect and macro quantum was road effect and special light, and electric characteristics, and high magnetic resistance phenomenon, and nonlinear resistance phenomenon and in high temperature Xia still with of high strength, and high toughness, and stability good, singular sex, Nano silica can widely application all field, has broad of application prospects and huge of commercial value. Nano-silicon dioxide is one of the earlier application of nano-materials, Nano-SiO2 in rubber-modified, engineering plastics, ceramics, biomedical, optics, building materials, application of resin matrix composites modified has been many reports.

Application of nanometer silica in the coatings field: Nano-silica with three-dimension network structure, showing great activity, has a huge surface area,

Reticular formation of nano-silicon dioxide can be formed during the paint drying and increases the strength of coatings and finishes, but also improve the pigment suspension, can keep the paint color does not fade for a long time. Interior and exterior wall coating, Nano Silicon oxide, can significantly improve the cans of paint effects, paint, no separation, thixotropic, resist sagging and good application performance, especially stained with pollution-resistant performance is much improved, with excellent cleaning ability and adhesion.