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Rubber Dispersants and Demoulders Rubber Plasticizer a (Silica dispersant)

Apr 12, 2017

Product Detail

Basic Info
  • Model NO.:RF-5, RPA, PETS

  • Kind:Rubber Processing Aids

  • Appearance:Granulars

  • Melting Point:105 Max

  • Specification:RoHS

  • HS Code:382490999

Product Description
Including a series of rubber processing aids, LRPA, RF-5, RPA, PETS, which applied as the excellent mould release agents or dispersants for NR, EPDM, SBR, SSBR, NBR, FKM, etc, or as the carbon black dispersants.
Name: Chemical Composition Melting Range  Appearance/ Supply Form Applications
RF-5 Blend of fatty acid
ester, Zn soaps
and fillers
85-105 whitish pastilles Acting as one excellent dispersion promoter for high loading silica compounds. it shows excellent behavior in silica/carbon black  compounds. RF-5 improves filler dispersion and  reduces mixing and Mooney viscosities. RF-5 increases scorch safety and reduced energy consumption in extrusion. Used in tire, molded and extruded articles of all types, hard rubber.
PETS pentaerythrityltetrastearate 55-65 Whitish flakes or powders PETS it can effectively prevent the sticking of the compounds to the rubber rolls,and has positive effect regarding the flow and demoulding properties with the injection and mould pressing  process ,suitable for ACM,H-NBR,EVA,CSM,ECO/CO,IIR/CIIR/BIIR,CR,etc.
RPA combination of zinc salts of
higher molecular fatty  acids
97 - 105 °C light brown pastilles Excellent peptizing effect in NR and IR upwards of 60°C, can decrease the viscosity of compounds based on NR resulting in an  easier processing, which leads to higher extrusion rates, better dimensional  stability and a stable die swell. RPA provides a good  dispersion of the fillers and rubber chemicals in the compound. Used in tire, molded and extruded articles of all types, hard rubber.
LRPA Blend of zinc salts of
higher molecular, mostly unsaturated fatty acids
75-90 Light brown pastilles Low melting-point grade processing promoter,more effective in NR and IR rubber at a mill temperature as low as 60 °C. Suitable for low temperature continuous mixing and open mill mixing for tire, molded and extruded articles of all types, hard rubber.
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