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Silicon release agent

Mar 09, 2017

Silicone release agent is prepared from organic siloxane, and its advantages are good heat tolerance, surface tension is moderate, uniform membrane, releasing long life. Disadvantage is a layer of oil on the surface after stripping products, secondary processing check must be carried out to clean the surface. Commonly used silicone oil, silicone rubber, emulsification Silicon oil and grease, and so on. Silicone release agent is the rubber mold release agent profile mainstream products, polyurethane, rubber, polyethylene and polyvinyl chloride resins are widely used in processing. Main way foreign Dow Corning, Japanese Oriental oils industry Corporation and Shin-ETSU silicone release agent in the sale of the company. Domestic production of silicone release agent works a lot, but the small scale, there is also a brand occupies a leading position in the market.

Siloxane compounds, silicone oil, silicone, is a better isolation of release agents, mold pollution, mainly for the model of natural rubber, butyl rubber and plastic products. As long as the painted, can be 5~ 10 release. The main varieties are:

1) methyl-branched-chain silicone oil (128th silicone oil) directly for the release.

2) methyl silicone oil: 300~ 1 000cp viscosity methyl silicone oil mixed with gasoline (or toluene, xylene, ethylene dichloride), into 0.15% ~ 2% silicone oil solution. Suitable for rubber and plastic products release.

3) methyl silicone oil emulsion. Paired with Silicon oil emulsion 35% ~ 40% (need to add emulsifying agents such as Tween 20, flat or polyethylene

Alcohol, the amount of silicone oil content of about 2%). Then diluted with water to silicone oil-free 0.1% ~ 5%, sprayed onto the mold, heated to remove water, silicone sink attached to the cavity surfaces. Suitable for all kinds of rubber and plastic products.

4) hydrogen methyl silicone oil. Select the viscosity 5 ~ 50cp 202#, 821# silicone oil 30, phthalic acid n-butyl 4 300 was made up into solutions, solvent gasoline, spray to 150 e hot mold cavity. Suitable for tire release agents.

5) 295# grease, after diluted with solvents such as toluene or Rosin water and mix thoroughly, spray in the mold cavity. For products such as rubber, plastic laminate.

6) silicone resins: 1# or 2# resins soluble in toluene, paired 3%~ 9% solution, suitable for rubber products.

7) silicone rubber: methyl (methyl or vinyl) silicone rubber solution into 10% gasoline stored, used to 1:28 ratio of dilution, mixing with gasoline. Applicable to transport product release.

8) toluene solution of silicone rubber. Into 1% ~ 2% silicone rubber is soluble in toluene solution. Apply rubber, polyethylene, polystyrene products release