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Surfactant release agent

Mar 09, 2017

Surfactant is characterized by isolation of release agent performance, but to mold contamination. There are the following categories:

1) SOAP and water. With aqueous concentration of SOAP into a quantitative, die lubricants, but also as a hose core remover.

2) sodium oleate. 22 oleic acid mixed with 100 parts of water, heated to near boiling, then slowly add 3 caustic soda, and stir until

Saponification, controlling the pH value is 7~ 9. When diluted with water of 1:1. When used as a tire vulcanization mold release, required 200 added 2 to the solution of glycerol.

3) glycerol. Tire lubricant can be directly used as a release agent or water.

4) fatty acid aluminum solution. Fat Al dissolved in dichloroethane solution into 1%. Apply polyurethane products, paint 1,

Repeat several times, releasing effect.

5) zinc stearate is transparent plastics release agent.