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Thermostability Mold Release Agent (DE-M79)

Apr 25, 2017

Product Detail

Basic Info
  • Model NO.:DE-M79

  • Usage:Mold Release Agent

  • Color:Yellow

  • Origin:China

Product Description
The product name: Thermostability mold release agent
Thermostability mold release agent pure essence
Model: DE-M79
Component: Special modified alkyl Aryl polysiloxane
Basic Character:
Appearance: Light yellow oily liquid
Active content: 100%
Viscosity: 1000~1500CS
It have the thermostability and excellent lubrication property. It can tolerate the 360 centigrade high temperature, will not carbonized, there is any residual on the mold.
It can soluble in Hydrocarbon solvent, ether solvent, ester solvent.
The Usage:
Mold release for flexurane product. It should be diluted with water as below 20% first and again use the solvent as 40~60 times to be diluted and then sprayed onto the mold. It can be injection molding after it is volatilized.
25Kg\50Kg /Plastic barrel or according to customer's requirement.
Store in cool and ventilated warehouse sealed condition. 12 months of storage period.
Transport as non-dangerous goods.
We have the multiple kinds of mold release agent. It can mold releasing for following industry:
It can mold releasing for Rubber, plastic, flexurane product
2. It can mold releasing for beton, glass steel product
It can mold releasing for metal castings product
It can mold releasing for Shoes product
It can mold releasing for epoxy product

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