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Wax (oil) is a release agent

Mar 09, 2017

Wax release agent series is characterized by low prices and sticky enough good mold disadvantage is pollution. The main varieties are:

1) petroleum jelly for industrial purposes is directly used as a release agent.

2) paraffin, used directly as a release agent.

3) sulphonated vegetable oils, used directly as a release agent.

4) dye oil (Turkey red oil, Turkey red oil), 100 and 0.9~ in boiling water 2 printing oil made from latex, release better than SOAP and water.

5) polyethylene wax (molecular weight 1 500~ 2 500). Polyethylene and certain amount of emulsifier blend suitable release agent for rubber products.

6) polyethylene glycol (molecular weight 200~ 1 500) directly towards the rubber stripping.