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What are the characteristics of release agent?

Mar 09, 2017

Good release agents.

Second, its surface smooth and beautiful, not because of paint sticky release agents and dust adhesion.

Three, resistant to pollution.

Four, superior processing. When it was forming release agent transfers, electroplating, hot model, printing, coating, bonding process had no adverse impact.

Five, coating.

Six, (lubrication). Form even when film and forming of complex shapes and sizes accurately.

Seven, the release agent resistant to heat.

Eight, the release agent forming, production efficiency is high.

Nine, it has flame resistance, low odor, low toxicity.

Ten, release agents and good stability, when combined with ingredients and materials, its physical and chemical properties is quite stable.

In theory, the release agent should have greater tensile strength, so that it is in contact with molded resin is often not easy to Polish. Scrubs in the resin filler or glass-fibre reinforced materials in particular.

Release agents must have the properties of heat and stress, difficult to break down or wear.

Release agents must be chemical resistant, and chemical composition of different resins such as styrene and amine will not be dissolved upon contact.

Release agent should be bonded to die does not transfer to be processed on the workpiece, so as not to interfere with paint or other secondary process operations.