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China Paraffin Wax Summit Visit Fihonor Plant

Sep 14, 2020

China Paraffin Wax Summit visit Fihonor plant

On September 10-11, 2020, the organizers of the China Paraffin Wax Summit and big figures in the rubber industry visited Fihonor Group--Qingdao Fukai Factory! The purpose of this conference is to discuss and solve industry common problems together, and let the paraffin industry develop better.


The Fihonor Group accepted the invitation of the event organizer and arranged for senior executives of many companies to visit the Qingdao Fukai Factory of  Fihonor Group on September 11.


Fihonor Group has strived to surpass since its establishment in 2005. In terms of protective wax, it has stepped into the forefront of the industry. The research and development of protective wax and other products have reached the international leading level. Fihonor’s general-purpose protective wax, high-temperature protective wax, and low-temperature protective wax have been used by tire and rubber products companies. Widely used, it is recognized as a high-performance protective wax product.


Hope that through this event in the future, we will learn from each other's strengths, make progress together, and contribute to the development of the paraffin wax market.