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Colloidal Particle With A Porous Housing And Functionalized

Oct 11, 2017

Colloidal Particle are microcapsules constructed from colloidal particles as structural primers. The preparation of colloid bodies is generally accomplished by self-assembly of colloidal particles on the surface of the emulsion droplets. This kind of special hollow material has a porous shell and functional structural elements, so that it has a wide range of applications in biomedicine, cell transplantation, functional food and oil industry. For a long time, people in the preparation of different functional colloid body often have an inherent idea, that is, the use of the corresponding function of the colloidal particles to build colloidal shell, few people try to design the corresponding functional materials into the colloid cavity within.

At present, synthetic rubber body mainly rely on soft template method, usually through the colloidal particles in the emulsion droplet surface assembly made of cross-linked. The soft template method not only can not control the morphology, size and uniformity of the prepared colloid body, but also makes it difficult to introduce the functional material into the cavity of the colloid body to form the multifunctional composite material. The hard template method is undoubtedly an effective method for introducing functional material particles into the core / shell structure. However, it is difficult to coat the shells of monolayer colloidal particles on the surface of various types of functional material particles.

The composite micelles can be used as nanostructure elements to form ordered mesoporous materials by the cooperative self - assembly process. Recently,Colloidal Particle a novel mesoporous poly dopamine nanospheres have been synthesized by self-assembly of block copolymer / poly dopamine spherical micelles. Dopamine molecules with phenolic hydroxyl groups and amino groups can be effectively adsorbed on the surface of various organic and inorganic materials, so poly dopamine composite micelles should also have the ability to effectively coat the various functional materials.