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Fihonor Rubber Additives Are Non-toxic, Harmless And Non-polluting.

Sep 04, 2020

Fihonor rubber additives are non-toxic, harmless and non-polluting.

In the process of processing tires, rubber to go through the process of adhesive, vulcanization, under the effect of high temperature, high pressure, will release some toxic and harmful gases. These gases are harmful to people's health. To improve the working environment of operators and reduce toxic and harmful gases, one of the important points is to eliminate those toxic and harmful rubber additives, the use of environmentally friendly rubber additives.


Tires continue to be affected by high temperature and pressure during use, causing tire ozone aging and releasing some harmful gases. Our company's rubber additives can improve this problem, inhibit the use of tires due to heat and rubber molecules continue to cross-link reactions to make tire rubber hardening, improve tire braking, traction and tire noise.


In addition, tire noise is also a kind of environmental pollution. The noise of thousands of cars driving across a road that resonates can affect people's rest and sleep. It is a negative method to set up noise isolation zones on both sides of urban elevated roads. Fundamentally, the structure of the tires and the formula of the rubber have to be improved. So rubber additives are the tire production formula has played a key role!