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Nylon Is Not Sticky And Bubbling Method

Mar 09, 2017

Silicone stick nylon not stick, sparkling has do? first we need on nylon base material for a simple of analysis, due to nylon is a cellular-like of structure, this structure on decided has he heated zhihou will released gas, cooling zhihou will absorption moisture, again plus now of nylon we are is joined has large of plasticizer, color cream and fiber, so nylon in stick received of process in the on will appeared many such as not stick and sparkling of phenomenon, that we now know has nylon not stick and sparkling of reasons, How can we avoid nylon and silicone bonding process does not produce foam and non-sticky situation? Conley company recommends that you follow the following ways to avoid nylon foaming and non-stick. Surface treatment: nylon surface degreasing treatment with toluene. Second, gluing: apply the glue three baking: suggest baking 5-10min four 150-degree heat, molding: hot moulded, as nylon has a heating vent, cooling water absorption characteristics it is recommended that hot moulding.