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Protective Wax Better To Protect The Car Oh

May 18, 2017

Protective Wax is divided into two kinds, one is the car clean up the wax to play up; there is a polishing machine to wear your paint a layer and then play down.

The two biggest differences between the two are injury paint and not hurt the paint, the effect is not obvious and the effect is obvious.

You wash your car directly to the wax, you basically as long as enough money, you play once a day do not matter.

The effect is still possible, but there is no such polished Protective Wax look so amazing, and it can not handle such scratches and the like.

Then often in the beauty shop he in order to let you look at the past to feel that this wax good, this money is worth good, all are for you to polish, after Protective Wax.

In fact, this is the same as we brush your teeth, it needs through the abrasive "Zizi Zizi" to wipe away the outside of a layer, and then the new cover up.

But you gotta know this flesh, what teeth it will grow, we paint it is not growing, you dig a layer it is really a little less.

Under normal circumstances the car paint is thin, then up to only 3 to 4 times, after this time, the color of the paint even have a certain change, if it is uneven, then it is really ugly to death.

So I suggest that friends, if you do not have this car is particularly serious scratches, or bird feces in the above has been a long time, you have the corrosion of the paint case, do not choose to polish this The situation.

That Protective Wax, then we still choose to look ordinary, but as long as the car wash clean, directly hit the wax on it, and generally not very expensive, 50 to 100 dollars.

Basically, this cycle is to follow the mood to go, today to see a girlfriend, tomorrow to talk about customers, the car to be beautiful when you go to play, do not take it as a cyclical activities to do.

You think back, your own time to cut your fingernails, you will not count the cycle? A few days to I will go to cut your fingernails, long to cut, ugly hit the wax, you can.

Then finally talk to you about the wax which in the end what kind of? Mainly divided into what?

To clean the wax, listen to the name to know why use, put the car clean; the second is called light wax, you think about our shoes, a dozen is bright clank, this is bright wax.

The third is called protective wax, which is relatively expensive, but the effect is also good. For example, this kind of sludge, rain erosion or bird manure, etc., etc., have a certain protective effect, or good, and even the sun's ultraviolet rays have a certain isolation and anti-oxidation function.

The fourth is called mirror wax, listen to the name to know, immediately is bright Zhengzheng. And then it is better this waterproof and rusty this function, more expensive, and I think and protect the wax difference is not great.

There is one, it touches we do not have heard of, called anti-static wax, in fact, when the winter, when the cold, when you put the anti-static wax painted when it rarely encountered such fingers stretched over And then put you back to this embarrassing scene.

So I suggest that friends, usually on the choice of decontamination wax or wax protection on it.