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Protective Wax The Purpose Is To Brighten,

Jun 23, 2017

Hetian jade wax is to prevent the surface of jade dry, keep the soft and shiny jade, wax is essential to a protection process. What is the method of Protective Waxwith Hetian?

Hetian jade wax will make jade glossy oil degree, the equivalent of a closed space, to prevent the outside of the stains into the jade inside. But also can cover some of the defects on the surface of jade, so that jade looks more perfect.

After the buy back to play for some time, these cracks due to the surface of the oil stains, the original cracks will appear.

1, and Hetian jade to Protective Wax, the best natural way is to play the disk.

To Hetian jade wax nothing to protect the role, and Hetian after a long period of play warm and shiny, have the same effect. But when playing in the disk must ensure that the hand clean, or easy and nephrite pollution, affect the appearance.

Many people in the purchase of Hetian jade after a period of time, found Hetian jade color changes, flaws are many, the reason is waxing, these wax will fade with the time, the original face will be very obvious.

In the purchase of time to note that the easiest way is to put Hetian Yu 70 or so immersed in the water temperature, you can fade the surface of the wax.

2, the benefits of solid wax is that you can often play jade pieces, jade pieces are not easy to dirty.

Solid wax is better wax, Sichuan wax white high, not easy to yellow. Sichuan wax price of about 400 yuan per kilogram.

Solid wax disadvantage: is easy to yellow, yellow after the solid wax is not easy to remove, so that damage to the jade in vain, a good hand you may never like it.

Hetian jade on a lot of solid wax method, there are cooking method, fire roasted method, the more simple is the hair dryer heating method.

First clean your own pieces of jade dry, with a hair dryer blowing hot hot, and then scraping the solid wax powder in advance (the finer the better particles) a little, evenly spread in the Hotan jade pieces, and then use a soft brush Brush evenly, cool the feeling of warm, gently wipe with cotton, wipe the purpose is to brighten.

3, Hetian jade liquid wax is a way to use a wide range of waxing.

The benefits of liquid wax is to avoid the high temperature and Hetian jade damage, but the liquid wax should not pay attention to it to kill, or will affect the final effect.

At present, Hetian jade wax is the most use of liquid wax.

Method: the Hetian jade pieces clean, dry with a hair dryer after drying, evaporation of water inside, to the warm hands of the feeling, then brush with a brush brush on the liquid brush can be.