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Room Temperature Bonding Of Silicone Sealant And PU Polyurethane Sealant Well?

Mar 09, 2017

At room temperature seal adhesive silicone sealants are found in our field of vision. Then they are 2 kinds of glue which is good? Immediately thought of high temperature resistant silicone sealant and better performance. Polyurethane sealant adhesion is stronger. Common sealant brand the way Dow Corning and WACKER. Small tape you see these 2 glue characteristics. Advantages of silicone sealant: one-component RTV silicone glue, commonly known as RTV silicone glue. Using moisture in the air, sulfide formation elastic Silicon rubber. For silicone, glass, metals including copper, plastic, have excellent non-corrosive ceramic bonding. The silicone sealant. Silicone adhesive glass primer. Apply silicone sealant: 1. kitchen marble countertops seal tank leak-proof seal, 2. bathroom ware seal ceramic edge seal. 3. Aquarium appliance bonding especially tank sealing adhesive. The silicone sealant gap filling capability, aging resistance, surface dry for 20 minutes. Contains "organic group", but also "inorganic structure", this particular composition and molecular structure. After glue is elastic silicone gel ① ② strong weather resistance ability of high temperature, weathering resistance, electrical insulation, ozone-resistant, water-repellent, third base about nontoxic ⑥ ⑤ no corrosion of physical inertia in silicone sealant for higher prices.