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Rubber Release Agent Improve Production Efficiency, Extend Mold Life

Aug 15, 2017

It is understood that rubber release agent is generally divided into external and internal use of two. The traditional release agent is generally topical, that is coated on the surface of the cavity, and customary also known as the release agent, the main products are talcum powder, mica powder, soap, paraffin, polytetrafluoroethylene and silicone oil, etc. Have a certain stripping effect, but with easy to leave mold and traces of the mold has a corrosive effect, the price is more expensive and other shortcomings. Among the many mold release agents, fluorine and silicon release agents are suitable for mold release due to their stripping effect, and are two kinds of release agents which have developed rapidly in recent years.

The main requirements for the release agent are: have a certain thermal stability and chemical inertia, does not corrode the cavity surface; in the cavity surface residual decomposition products; does not affect the product color, but can give a good appearance, non-toxic; Preparation, easy to use.

Rubber release agent refers to a class of substances used to prevent the rubber product from adhering to the surface of the mold and to allow it to mold smoothly without tearing. When used, it is sprayed or applied to the cavity surface to form an effective barrier. The use of rubber release agent is here.

Rubber release agent is between the mold and the product between the functional substances in the rubber, plastic manufacturing industry, manufacturing model products, in order to mold, improve production efficiency and extend the life of the mold, while the product smooth, qualified , To reduce waste, and the need to use the essential additives. Its main function is to make the stripping operation easy, to prevent the removal of the product caused by damage. Separation of release agent depends on its surface properties,Rubber Release Agent its significant feature is the critical surface tension is small, it is difficult to be liquid wetting, because of this, in order to achieve the role of stripping.

  Whether the injection mold is smooth or not depends on the reasonable design of the mold structure and the reasonable choice of the process parameters of the injection molding product. In the injection molding production, due to fluctuations in process conditions, and sometimes there will be difficult phenomenon of product stripping.

In order to ensure the smooth production of injection molding products to avoid the product mold release caused by the extension of the production process cycle,Rubber Release Agent forming mold cavity surface to spray or wipe a layer of release agent.

The choice of release agent should be determined by the raw material for injection products. Application of a more release agent is zinc stearate, in addition to polyamide resin;Rubber Release Agent there are silicone oil release agent, the stripping effect is good, but the price is more expensive.

Currently more applications, the operation is more convenient,Rubber Release Agent is the use of spray atomization release agent. There are sales of release agent TG series of methyl silicone oil and TB series of liquid paraffin and TBM series castor oil, the stripping effect is better.