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Rubber Release Agents

Mar 09, 2017

Release agent is a functional material between mold and products, manufactured in rubber and plastics industries, manufacturing model product, to stripping, improve production efficiency and extend the life of mold and smooth product, qualifying, to reduce waste, and use of essential additives. Its main function is to make the release operation easily, preventing forced out cause damage to the product. Release agent isolation depends on its surface, its notable features is the critical surface tension, it is difficult to be wetting of liquid, that is why in order to achieve the release. Rubber release agent used to prevent and die surface adhesion of rubber products, and make it smooth mode without tearing the substances. When in use it would be sprayed or coated in mold cavity surface to form an effective isolation layer. Release agents is the main requirement: a certain degree of thermal stability and chemical inertness, non-corrosive surface of mold cavity; in the mold cavity surface residue decomposition products; do not affect the product, but will give a good appearance, harmless and easy to prepare, easy to use