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Silicone Glue Introduction

Mar 09, 2017

Silicone adhesive is used to bond silicone rubber in the varieties, rely on contact with bonding or sealing surface of the water or the water molecules in the air and curing. Dry and cold environment the curing speed can be very slow, but appropriate to the environment, such as cases of relative humidity 65% above 25 degrees Celsius, these 3-30 minutes for glue to dry (dry contact), the curing time of 10-20 minutes to table. Fully cured in 24 hours. Cured elastomers and silicone, adhesive strength can be pull the silicone itself, silicone seals and shaped hollow tube, forming a good Silicone adhesive ideal for adhesive. Application: mainly used for adhesion between silicone and silicone, silicone rubber and plastic, metal (such as copper, aluminum, iron, stone, wood, and so on) between bonding, the product has a high transparency, good adhesion, easy operation.