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Soaping Agent Can Be Very Good To Deal With Stains

Jun 14, 2017

Is the Soaping Agent in addition to the clean function? In fact, there are many you do not necessarily know the magical!

1, moving heavy furniture, the first coated with soap on the floor when the lubricant, in the move will save a lot.

2, saw a long time will be rusty blunt, may wish to rub back and forth with soap in the saw, soap in the oil composition will be separated from the air to prevent oxidation, the saw is not easy to rust. And saw a soap with the lubrication, saw the resistance when things become smaller,Soaping Agent it is more effort.

3, free throws when the screws in order to save effort, the first screw coated with some soap and then tighten, it will be easier.

4, wooden drawer is not easy to pull, you can use soap directly on the track,Soaping Agent the soap in the oil will make the switch drawer smooth and smooth.

5, when the blinds pull, as long as the blinds in the blinds painted some soap, pull up and down a few times very easy to use.

6, if the furniture was stalked, soap can be used to plug the hole, so that the parasite suffocated, dead and decay to expand.

7, soapy water is very effective to kill cockroaches, as long as the cockroach a spray, soapy water can block the cockroach's respiratory tract, so that cockroaches immediately four feet overturned.

8, brush paint before the best in the hands of a layer of soap, so even if the process of stained paint, afterwards is also very easy to clean. At the same time paint brush, as long as the bubble in the soapy water, more than ten hours after the bristles will become easy to clean.

9, soap can also be when the fragrance on the wardrobe, drawer or shoe, can play the effect of fragrant storage space. Clothes from the wardrobe out when issued a touch of soap flavor, smell more natural than ordinary fragrance, comfortable. You can also add aroma to the toilet.

10, trash can first wash with baking soda powder, and then add some soapy water to increase the fragrance.

11, clean the blinds, wear cloth gloves dip some soapy water, and then one by one wipe, than with a brush and detergent to wash more light and more neat, all wiped again, gloves, soapy water, clean, and then wipe it again It is clean, but also save water.

12, the toilet mirror blurred, can be coated with a layer of soap on the mirror, and then wipe with a dry cloth, the mirror becomes very bright, not easy to fog.

13, to write a brush on the white cloth, add a little soap in the ink soap, cloth on the word is not easy to halo, writing will be very clear.

14, bought the new rope is too hard, you can soak the rope in soap and water for a few minutes, so the rope will be a lot of soft, softened rope is easy to use to bundle.

15, the skin was bitten by mosquito bites, soap with a little water,Soaping Agent painted directly in the bite of the location, and soon itching.

16, soap with the remaining small pieces, bad rub out of the bubble, it is not easy to take, do not casually discarded, you can also change the new soap Oh! First, the small pieces of fat will be accumulated into the microwave can be added to the container, add a little water, and so on after the expansion, and then into the microwave heating, small soap will be integrated into a big soap, if the use of different colors Soap, but also the formation of a unique color soap Oh. After the completion of the first dry to make it stereotypes,Soaping Agent the less the hardness of water is more durable. Of course, there is a way to be more direct, that is, these small soap into the stockings or small holes in the hole in the bag, and then mouth knot, bubble and more good wash.