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Soaping Agent So That Soap Can Be Placed For A Long Time

Jun 01, 2017

Soaping Agent Bathing will use the bath milk, close contact with the skin every day, be careful to wash out the disease! The market of three percent of the bath milk, containing this possible carcinogenic substances, if long-term use, there may be dangerous!

Medical sector in breast cancer slices, found a component called PARABEN. This ingredient is hidden in the bath milk, is used to inhibit the deterioration of bath milk preservatives.

PARABEN will not cause skin lesions, so most people use no symptoms. However, once used for more than a decade, it is possible to induce breast cancer. Child skin detoxification is weak, it is recommended do not touch!

Doctors recommend: If you really want to use,Soaping Agent buy carefully to see if it is not containing PARABEN ingredients, if you can best use glycerol as the base of the soap, because the ingredients are not easy to degenerate. Do not be easy for the moment myth, choose the wrong bath milk, or ten years after the price is really great!

It is recommended to use soap soap bath

Do you like to use a shower gel to bathe now, I am afraid you have to start changing! Many people use bathing milk to bathe, most of them only because of the use of bath milk, but easy to use but not necessarily healthy.

First of all, let's explore the manufacturing process of bath milk. The general soap is nothing more than the use of low-cost animal fats, such as cattle or sheep; or costly vegetable oils such as coconut oil and glycerol, in the process of adding chemical coagulants,Soaping Agent or natural solidification, and then become a block Of soap.

But the bathing milk is different. As the water and oil are not compatible, imagine the water and oil can not be compatible, if you want to be one, the only way, of course, is to join the chemical made of chemical soda and stabilizer. The chemical soda and stabilizer, but it is recognized by the medical profession one of the carcinogenic substances.

Should save the future of medical expenses

Gently click, the bottle immediately spit out a thick bath milk, thirty two immediately clean yo. Many people choose shower gel, because it feels convenient enough.

To know that people are young, there is enough immunity when the negative invasion of the outside world generally do not have much feeling. This time, many people choose to facilitate.

However, one day,Soaping Agentwe are old or sick, decreased immunity, these long-term accumulation in our skin subcutaneous, and even infiltrated into the body of our organs of the material, will be a large counterattack, so that we lose health, hard to turn back!