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The Developing Trend Of Cure Release Agent

May 15, 2020

Four stages

· Silicone rubber + Oil

· Emulsified Silicone Oil

· Semi-permanent aqueous bladder coating agent Inside tire paint agent

· Effcient Tire inside Release Agent


The difference between SBC series Bladder Coating Agents and Emulsified silicone oil

The bladder coating agents used in the curing process in the domestic tire manufacturers are

different.Normally emulsified silicone oil are used for the curing of bias ply tires, half-permanent bladdercoating agents, which are generally imported or made by foreign-captital enterprises, are mostly used for the curing of radial tires. The SBC series bladder coating agent made by Qingdao Fihonor Chemical Science&Technology Co., Ltd is a kind of half-permanent reactive silicone bladder coating agent, the main differences between the SBC bladder coating agent and emulsified silicone oil are as follows.


SBC series Bladder Coating Agents

Emulsified silicone oil

Main composition

Emulsion of Si-O-C reactive silicone polymer

Emulsion of deactivate silicone oil

Status under high Temperature

Polymerizes to form macromolecules film

No any change

Status on the surface of bladder

Continuously build a white thin film, protect

and extent the service life of bladder

Oily status, contaminate the bladder

and shorten the service life of bladder

Appearance of inside of tire after vulcanization

The inside of the tire is clean,

smooth and dry.

Rubber shortage after vulcanization

greasy surface inside tire

Consequence whenthe mould is cont-aminated by applying

Form white dry spots on the moulds, no

negative effects to the tires

Greasy and dirty

The number of release after one coating

High release times, and will increase

after being used for some time.

Normally low release times, seldom

to reach 8 times

Effect to tire inner liner splice

Form dry film at high temperature, can

protect the inner liner splice.

Easy to infiltrate into the inner

liner splice, cause cracking

Effect to tire corner

Will not cause edge in chamfers

Easy to cause edge in chamfers

Performance/cost ratio

Higher unit price, higher performance/cost ratio

Lower unit price,lower performance/

cost ratio

From the contrast above, it is clear that using SBC series as bladder coating agents to

replace emulsified silicone oil is an inevitable trend for the domestic tire manufacturers to

improve the quality and appearance of the tire.