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Tire Release Agent

Apr 03, 2020

Background information

Tyre curing 

The shaping and vulcanisation of most tyres is done in compression molding presses. The curing determines the final appearance of tyre, such as tread pattern,but also the final elastic properties.at the interface of the tire/inflatable rubber bladder, the release agent is much more critical: without the use of a release agent, tire rubber and bladder rubber would certainly stick together after curing.


Our product

Fihonor Group can offer a comprehensive range of release agents, including single-release agent, multi-release agent and semi-permanent.

Single-release agent(inside tire paint)---SIP-9296W, SIP-9296G, SIP-9596, SIP-95WM, These are sprayed on every green tire. It is applied into the inside of the uncured tire and form a film on it, The price is competitive and suitable for all tires.


Multi-release agents(Semi-permanent Bladder coating agent)---SBC-956, SBC-7086, LK-0055B, allow up to 24 release, we can spray  directly to the bladder surface once/twice-per-shift. There is a problem that is the release agent sneak into the mold. Protection of mold is necessary.


Multi-release agents(Effcient tire inside release agent)- FN-8322, can be directly applied on the inner wall of the green tire . This side is going to be in contact with the inflatable bladder, the temperature is raised up to more than 110℃,the release agent can be transferred to the bladder and form a cross-linked protective film.

Product Feature:

  • high temperature lubrication;

  • repeatedly stripping, for half steel tire, can be applied one time for curing ten pieces of tires;

  • reducing air pocket, reducing defect rate, the final tire have good looks;

  • Extent the lifespan of bladder.