Rubber Universal Protective Wax

Rubber universal protective wax:This product is a rubber physical anti-aging agent, from a variety of selected paraffin wax, microcrystalline wax compound mixture.

Product Details

Fihonor protection wax FNL-1997



Anti-check and antiozonant FNL-1997 is a blend of selected paraffin and broad molecular weight distribution micro-wax. FNL-1997, with its high rate dispersion, extremely low solubility and very low migrate rate in compounds, ensure the formation of a long-term protecting film on the surface of rubber articles and protect rubber articles against the check caused by ozone and weathering aging.

Application fields:

Tires, conveyer belts, and other rubber articles used at higher temperature. The protection may be extended by blending with lower melting wax grade.


1. FNL-1997 is ease to weigh and mix because of the flake form, for a good dispersion, it is recommend to add it at the very beginning of the mixing cycle.

2. Inner-mixer is recommended. When open-mill is used, the temperature of the mill should be higher than the melting point of FNL-1997.

3. Tires: 1-4 phr, conveyor belts: 2-6 phr, in other rubber articles the dosage can be as high as 10 phr depending on the compound types.

4. FNL-1997 meets test specification at ozone chamber temperature of 45-50oC.

Technical Data: Compositions:

blends of selected paraffin and broad molecular weight distribution


white flakes or pastilles


0.85-1.05 g/cm3 (20oC)

Melting point:

62-68 oC

Safety and transport

FNL-1997 is not classified as a dangerous good according to transport legislation, so we should transport it in term of undangerous good. It has not any hurt if you use it in right way.


FNL -1997 should be stored in cool and dry place, with temperature lower than 35oC. If these rules are obeyed, the product can be stored at least two years. If stored at higher temperature caking may occur, this, however, has no effect on the performance. The production date is stated on the lot number on the labels of each sack.

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