Rubber Carbon Black Dispersant

Rubber carbon black dispersant FNS-22B

Product Details

Rubber carbon black dispersant FNS-22B

Product feature description

Rubber carbon black dispersant FNS-22B is a blend of fatty acid esters and polar hydrocarbons bonded by active filler. The product has the following characteristics:

Ø Improve the dispersibility, surface performance and demoulding performance of carbon black and other inorganic fillers;

Ø Excellent lubrication, reduce the viscosity of rubber, shorten mixing time, reduce energy consumption;

Ø The extrusion performance and injection performance of the rubber material were improved obviously, and the demoulding property of the rubber products was improved, while the charring performance, vulcanization performance and physical properties were not affected.

Application field

NR, SBR, CSM, EAM, EPDM, NBR are used as dispersants for inorganic fillers such as carbon black.



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