Silica Dispersant

Rubber silica dispersant FNS-22W

Product Details

Rubber silica dispersant FNS-22W

Product feature description

Rubber silica dispersant FNS-22W has the following characteristics:

Ø It can reduce the viscosity of mixing and processing of the rubber, and make the tread rubber with silica butadiene and butadiene rubber easy to process.

Ø Improve the dispersibility of filler and rubber chemicals in the rubber material, especially suitable for the dispersibility of the rubber material containing high-active silica, so that the extrusion product model and the Mooney coke significantly improved, improve the tire surface anti-skid performance;

Ø Delay coking, promote curing, increase the color of finished products bright, gorgeous, improve quality, reduce production costs.

Application field

Rubber silica dispersant FNS-22W can be used in tire tread rubber and other molded products as dispersant of silica and other inorganic fillers.

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