Semi-steel Tyre Internal Release Agent

Description FN-8249 is an high efficiency vulcanization release agent. It can be brushed onto the inside of the raw tire to instead the usage of inside tire paint agent. and give a more than ten times release of the tire. During the vulcanization, FN-8249 can transfer from raw tire onto the...

Product Details


FN-8249 is an high efficiency vulcanization release agent. It can be brushed onto the inside of the raw tire to instead the usage of inside tire paint agent. and give a more than ten times release of the tire. During the vulcanization, FN-8249 can transfer from raw tire onto the bladder in the first time, and then it will transfer from the bladder onto the tire slowly in the remaining time, at the same time, it can form a protective film on the bladder which can prolong the life time of the bladder.


20kg/plastic drum

Safety and transport

It is not classified as a dangerous good according to transport legislation.So we should transport it in term of UNdangerous good.It has not hurt if you use it in right way

Further information

Product technical information and data is based on the best information available and does not constitute or imply a warranty or patent infringement of any kind.The user is responsible for testing produce suitability prior to use in production.

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