Rubber Appearance Brightener FN-TOP3

1、improve internal andexternal lubrication fluidity
2、improve the appearance finish of the prpducts
3、make the rubber easy to fill the pattern and corner of the mold

Product Details


FN-TOP3 is a functional processing aid that combines a variety of refined products with polar groups and non-polar groups, combined with other functional additives to improve the appearance of rubber and tires. This product has the function of promoting the precipitation of unstable migration substances, and the unstable precipitates are sprayed out by the solubility control in the vulcanization process. The active materials in the other brighteners are combined with the residues to make them stably dissolve in the rubber system and improve the appearance of the rubber products.This product can improve the surface finish of the released product, beautify the appearance, reduce the defect rate of the product, and can replace the use of the release agent. At the same time, it can improve the service life of the mold and prolong the mold clearing time, which can significantly improve the aesthetics of the rubber product. FN-TOP3 also has the function of improving the oxidation resistance and crack resistance of the product, and has the function of increasing the solubility of the additive in the rubber. 

Application fields: 

FN-TOP3 is suitable for tire tread rubber, sidewall rubber, sub-mouth rubber and other rubber molded products to improve the appearance of the product. 


1. It is recommended to add FN-TOP3 in the front stage of mixing to exert its dispersion and lubrication to promote the dispersion of rubber and carbon black and inorganic filler. 2. The recommended amount is 0.1-2phr according to raw rubber. This product has a slight effect on physical properties when using more than 2 phr. It is recommended to verify the experiment before use. 

Technical Data:

Composition: A mixture of organic refining products, surfactants, functional additives, and the like. Project Indicator Test method Appearance White or light yellow solid powder or fine particles Visual inspection Ash550℃),% 38.0---58.0 GB/T11409-2008 Heating reduction105℃),% 12.0 GB/T11409-2008


20kg, Paper-plastic composite bag or PE plastic bag outsourcing carton 

Safety and transport

According to the transportation law, the tire appearance brightener FN-TOP3 belongs to non-dangerous goods and is transported as non-dangerous goods. This product is an alkaline substance with certain irritating and corrosive effects. It is strictly forbidden to directly contact the eyes and skin during use. 


One years under cool and dry conditions with original closed package from date of production 

Further information: 

Product technical information and data is based on the best information available and does not constitute or imply a warranty or patent infringement of any kind. The user is responsible for testing product suitability prior to use the production.


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