Tire Rubber Appearance Brightener

Tire rubber appearance brightener

Product Details


Product feature description:

FN-TOP3 is a kind of functional processing aid that can improve the appearance of rubber and tire comprehensively, which is produced with a variety of refined products with polar groups and non-polar groups and combined with other functional AIDS.The product features are as follows:

Ø This product has the function of promoting the precipitation of unstable migrating substances, and ejecting the unstable precipitates through the control of solubility during the vulcanization process. The active substances in other brightening agents are combined with the residues to make them dissolve in the rubber system steadily, so as to improve the appearance of rubber products.

Ø This product can improve the surface finish of demoulding products, beautify the appearance, reduce the rate of defective products.

Ø This product can replace the use of mold release agent, at the same time, improve the service life of the mold, prolong the mold cleaning time, can significantly improve the beauty of rubber products.

Ø This product has the function of equalizing and improving the anti-oxidation and anti-cracking properties of the product, and at the same time has the function of increasing the solubility of the auxiliary agent in rubber.


FN-TOP3 is suitable for tire tread rubber, tire side rubber, rubber and other rubber materials and other rubber molding products, in order to improve the appearance of the product bright performance.


Ø It is suggested to add FN-TOP3 in the mixing front section to play its dispersing and lubricating role and promote the dispersing of rubber material, carbon black and inorganic filler.

The recommended dosage is 0.1-2phr of raw rubber.The product has a slight effect on physical properties when used above 2phr, and it is recommended to verify the experiment before use.


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