Rubber Anti-tack Agent for Large Radial Tyre

1 price performance ratio
2 suitable for all kinds of elastomers
3 The recommended ratio concentration is 2%-5%

Product Details


1 price performance ratio

2suitable for all kinds of elastomers

3The recommended ratio concentration is 2%-5%




Grayish white buff powder

PH (3.5% aqueous solution stirred for 30-45 minutes), %


Ash Content%(950℃ 2h)



Disperse evenly in the water

Safety and Transport:
Release Agent PRP-75C is not classified as a dangerous good according to transport legislation, so we should transport it in term of undangerous good. It has not any hurt if you use it in right way.
Release Agent PRP-75C should be stored under cool and dry conditions. If these rules are obeyed, the product can be stored for at least one year. The production date is stated on the lot on the labels of each sack.
Further information:
Product technical information and data is based on the best information available and does not constitute or imply awarranty or patent infringement of any kind. The user is responsible for testing product suitability prior to use the production.


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