Ceramic Processing Super Sodium Humate Powder Moulding Agent

Environmental homogeneous agent FYZ-4082

Product Details
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Product features:

Environmental homogeneous agent FYZ-4082 is a polymer of various saturated hydrocarbons, environmental aromatic hydrocarbons and colloid, etc. The product features are as follows:

Ø The product can improve the mixing uniformity of rubber with different polarity and viscosity.

Ø The product in the processing temperature for softening and viscous resin, can wet the surface of the inorganic filler, so that the inorganic filler and rubber better dispersed and mixed, forming a more uniform and compact mixture of rubber.

Ø The product can reduce the Mooney viscosity, reduce the roll release tendency, increase the extrusion rate without increasing the extrusion expansion rate, and maintain the consistency of rolling for a long time.

Application fields:

Tires, conveyor belts, all kinds of rubber products.Rubber environmental homogenizer FYZ-4082 is not suitable for light colored rubber.


Ø The particles are easy to weigh and mix. To ensure uniform dispersion, it is recommended to add them at the beginning of mixing.

Ø The recommended dosage is 2-12 PHR, please be sure to verify before use.


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