Internal and External Wall Primer Acrylate Polymer Resin for Construction Coating

This product can effectively improve the anti-skid performance of the tire without affecting the rolling resistance, so that when the vehicle is driving on the road in rainy days, the traction between the tire tread and the road surface increases, so that the vehicle is driving more safely. This product can improve the processing performance of rubber, reduce energy consumption and reduce cost.

Product Details
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FN-609 is a type of functional resin of good combination property used for natural and synthetic rubbers, which can effectively improve the wet and slippery performance of the tire without affecting the rolling resistance to make the vehicle be safer. It can improve the processing property of the rubber, reduce the energy consumption and low the cost.

Application fields

Widely used in tire treads to improve the wet and slippery performance of the tire.


1.It  is  recommended  to  add  FN-609/FN-620   in  the  beginning  of  mixing  cycle  to  

   improve  the processing property of rubber.

2.Recommended dosage is 3-12 phr, which depends on the formula and requirements of 


Technical index

        Appearance                                    Colorless or light brown particles

Softening point,(Ring&Ball),℃                              80-100

Heat loss (105℃* 2h)/%                                           ≤1

Ash content (750℃*2h)/%                                        ≤1.5


25 Kg plastic or laminated paper/plastic bags.

Safety and Transport

FN-609 is not classified as hazardous material according to transport legislation. Please refer to MSDS prior to using FN-609 . It is safe if properly used.


12 months under dry and cool storage conditions.

Special declaration

Product's technical information and data are based on the best information available and does not constitute or imply a warranty or patent infringement of any kind. The user is responsible for testing product suitability before to use the production.

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