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High quality auxiliary tire dynamic balance detection of dynamic balance lubricant TUB-600

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Tire dynamic balance lubricant TUB-600


Tire balance lubricant TUB-600 description:

Tire dynamic balance lubrication fluid TUB-600 is used to detect tire dynamic balance and apply it to the tire front for lubrication.

In order to install the rim, the product does not contain silicone lubricants, at the same time, the effect of lubrication will disappear immediately after drying to avoid wheel

In the subsequent use of the tire due to the long - term presence of silicone lubricants so that the tire and the rim of the poor binding force

Green rim away phenomenon.

The tire dynamic balance lubrication liquid TUB-600 is very little foam after mixing with water, which is easy to operate and does not affect the test data.

Application fields:

Various tire production, testing and subsequent use.


The tire dynamic balance lubricant TUB-600 can be mixed with 8~20 times of water and used evenly according to the field usage.

Tire dynamic balance lubrication fluid TUB-600 can be manually painted brush operation, also can be used machine automatic brush, brush one

Must be uniform, do not have too much liquid accumulation, will avoid the tire high-speed rotation will be excess lubricant out.

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