Soaping Agent

Soaping Agent
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Soaping agent FDS

Uses and characteristics:

The original technology formula products from Ciba.

Can improve the quality of textile wet processing and improve the reproducibility. It can also be used as the soaping agent for cellulose fiber dyeing and printing on the reactive dye .

As Cellulosic fiber reactive dyes Dyeing and printing soaping agen, Even in hard water can accelerate the release and outward diffusion of hydrolyzed reactive dyes and  prevent the hydrolysis of reactive dyes re-adsorbed to the fabric. Shorten the soaping time, improve the dyeing fabric appearance brightness. Can improve the wet fastness and reproducibility. No electrolysis, no bubbles. Can also be used for dyeing bath adjusting agent.



Sodium salt of polyacrylic acid

Ionic character:


Physical form:

Light brown liquid

5% solution pH:

about 7.5

Specific gravity at
20℃20℃20℃ 20℃

about 1.3


Stable in hard water and the bath pH 4 to 12

Storage stability:

Keep stable in a sealed container stored for at least one year at 20 ° C, and cannot be stored above 40 ° C
5°c will solidify when heated,but you can return fully to original state

Compatibility :

Can be used with nonionic and cationic materials.

Toxicology/ecology :

The usual hygiene and safety rules for handling chemicals  should be observed in storage, handling and use. The product must not be swallowed.

For further information – especially particulars regarding safety when handling, toxicological and ecological data – please consult our product. 

specific safety data sheet.









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