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Fihonor® Environmental Protection Homogenizer


FYZ-4082 introduction

Product Features Description: Environmentally friendly homogenizer FYZ-4082 is a mixture of a variety of environmentally friendly aromatic hydrocarbon polymerization resins which can improve the uniformity of kneading of rubbers of different polarities and viscosities which are softened and viscous at the processing temperature, The inorganic filler can be wetted with the surface of the inorganic filler, so that the inorganic filler and the rubber are better dispersed and mixed to form a more uniform and compact mixture. The additive can reduce the Mooney viscosity, reduce the roll tendency, increase the extrusion rate without Increase the pressure expansion rate, for a long time to maintain the consistency of calendering.

Application areas:

Tires, transport belt, all kinds of rubber products. Rubber environmental homogenizer FYZ-4082 is not suitable for light-colored compounds. Use:

1. Granulate easy to weigh and mix, in order to ensure uniform dispersion, it is recommended to add early in the mixing.

2. The amount is 4-15phr


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