White and Purple Tire Marking Line

White and Purple Tire Marking Line
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TMC-1000 series product is water-based tire marking ink,which can be used onto the surface of tread strip at the extrusion process.The product includes different colours,such as white,red,yellow,blue,green,etc..TMC -1000 contains no any volatile organic compounds and is eco-friendly.All products are available with colour modification and viscosity adjustment on customers ' request.The product shows a  short drying time and the surface of the coloured strip is dry before reaching the water cooling bath.TMC -1000 products have strong adhehion onto the surface of rubber.The appearance of the colour strips after curing is  bright-coloured.


7.5kg plastic drum


It is not classified as a dangerous good according to transport legislation, so we should transport it in term of undangerous good. It has not any hurt if you use it in right way.

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